Geochemistry of the Earth’s surface (GES-10)
August 18-22, 2014 IPGP Paris 5th, France.

Theme 9: Integrated Critical Zone Science

Author given name Author family name Email Co-author Abstract Title
Maher Kate Jennifer Druhan Relationships between the transit time of water and the fluxes of weathered elements through the critical zone
Susan Brantley Christopher Duffy; Yuning Shi; Ken Davis; Rudy Slingerland; Li Li; Pamela L. Sullivan; Yves Godderis Designing a System of Models to Understand the Critical Zone
Steve Banwart Manoj Menon Integrated Critical Zone Studies to Quantify Soil Processes and Functions
Jens Hartmann Ronny Lauerwald, Nils Moosdorf A brief overview of the GLObal RIver CHemistry Database, GLORICH
Reed Maxwell Carl Steefel Katharine Maher Laura Condon A new streamline approach to calculating chemical weathering fluxes at the continental scale.
Khalifa Nsir Lionel Mercury, Mohamed Azaroual, Yves Coquet Modeling reactive transport processes in the unsaturated zone integrating capillary phenomena effects
Gilles Pinay Stefan Peiffer Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy Stefan Krause David Hannah Jan Fleckenstein Mathieu Sébilo Kevin Bishop Laurence Hubert-Moy Upscaling nitrogen removal capacity from riparian zone to the landscape scale: A new framework
Yusuf Yigini Panos Panagos Reference Area Method for Mapping Soil Organic Carbon Content at Regional Scale