Geochemistry of the Earth’s surface (GES-10)
August 18-22, 2014 IPGP Paris 5th, France.

Theme 8: Anthropogenic changes, sustainability and the

 Author given name Author family name Email Co-author Abstract Title
Gerard Govers Van Oost, Kristof Wengang, Zhang Scratching the critical zone: the global footprint of agricultural soil erosion
Pierre Regnier Ronny Lauerwald Philippe Ciais Carbon leakage through the terrestrial-aquatic interface: Implications for the anthropogenic CO2 budget
JiuBin Chen Julien Bouchez Jérôme Gaillardet Pascale Louvat Behaviors of major and trace elements during single flood event in the Seine River, France
Nuno Durães Eduardo Ferreira da Silva Iuliu Bobos Paula Ávila Rare Earth Elements fractionation in endemic vegetation from the Moncorvo iron mines, NE Portugal
Celine DUWIG D. Archundia F. Lehembre L. Spadini M.C. Morel G. Uzu J. Chincheros R. Cortez J.M.F. Martins Impacts of anthropogenic activities on the contamination of a sub watershed of Lake Titicaca. Are antibiotics a concern in the Bolivian Altiplano?
Eydis Salome Eiriksdottir Árni Sigurdsson Sigurdur Reynir Gislason Peter Torssander Chemical composition of precipitation in southern Iceland: effects of Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruptions and industrial activity
GEORGIOS GIANNAKIS Panakoulia S.K. Nikolaidis N.P. Paranychianakis N.V. Simulating Soil Fertility Restoration using the CAST model
Christophe Hissler Peter Stille Cédric Guignard Jean François Iffly Laurent Pfister Rare Earth Elements as hydrological tracers of anthropogenic and critical zone contributions at the river basin scale.
Shahrzad Khoramnejadian Shirin khoramnejadian Phytoremediation of heavy metals and petroleuom hydrocarbones by amaranthus and persian clover
Nikolaos Nikolaidis G. Giannakis, E. Kotronakis, J. Valstar, E. Rowe, K. Moirogiorgou, S. Panakoulia, N. Paranychianakis Modeling of Soil Functions From the Soil Profile to Watershed Scale
Mark R. Noll Katelyn Almeter Gina G. Pope Distribution of lead in an urban soil: A case study and implications for potential remedial options
Nevzat Özgür Tuğba Arife Çalışkan Water pollution monitoring study for the protected areas in eastern Mediterranean Sea, Turkey
Carmen Perez-Sirvent MariLuz Garcia-Lorenzo Eva Gonzalez, Victor Perez-Espinosa, Salvadora Martínez-Lopez, Carmen Hernandez, Jose Molina, and Lucia B. Martínez. Critical zone remediation by using environmental geoengineering projects.
Carmen Pérez-Sirvent María José Martínez-Sanchez, Mari Luz Garcia-Lorenzo, Manuel Hernández-Córdoba, Jose Molina, Eva González, and Víctor Pérez-Espinosa A preliminary zonation to support the remediation and the risk assessment of an area contaminated by potentially toxic elements
Marie Pettenati Picot-Colbeaux G., Thiéry D., Boisson A., Alazard M., Perrin J., Dewandel B. Maréchal J. C., Ahmed S., Kloppmann W. Water quality evolution during managed aquifer recharge (MAR) in Indian crystalline basement aquifers: reactive transport modeling in the critical zone
Blanca Prado Hernández-Martínez J. L. Durán-Álvarez J.C. Bischoff, W. A. Siebe, C. Movement of water and solutes in a wastewater irrigated piedmont
Garrett Rue Diane McKnight, PhD Geochemical Misfortune in the Rocky Mountains: Acid Mine and Rock Drainage in a Mineralized Watershed
Veronika Sucha Martin Mihaljevic Vojtech Ettler Ladislav Strnad pH-dependent release of platinum group elements (PGEs) from gasoline and diesel catalysts
Yang Tang   Atmospheric black carbon deposited in Beijing and Zhangbei, China
Laura Triplett Tal, Michal Kettenring, Karin M. Using silica to explore links between agriculture, hydrology and geochemical budgets in the Platte River, USA
Emmanuelle Uher Cécile Mirande-Bret Catherine Gourlay-Francé Environmental behaviour of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in surface waters in the Seine river basin
Andreas Weiss-Hartmann Andreas Weiss, Eric Struyf, Jonas Schoelynck, Patrick Meire, Thorben Amann The overlooked compartment of the critical-zone-complex, considering the evolution of future geogenic matter fluxes: Agricultural topsoils