Geochemistry of the Earth’s surface (GES-10)
August 18-22, 2014 IPGP Paris 5th, France.

Theme 6: Characteristic timescales of the Critical Zone

Author given name Author family name Email Co-author Abstract Title
Frederic Herman   Meridional and temporal variations of mountain erosion in response to Plio-Pleistocene cooling
Simon Mudd Kyungsoo Yoo Beth Weinman Quantifying geomorphic controls on time in weathering systems
Clio Bosia F. Chabaux1, C. France-Lanord2, E. Pelt1, E. Deloule2, P. Stille1 1 LHyGES, EOST, Université de Strasbourg et CNRS, 67084 Strasbourg Cedex. 2CRPG, CNRS-Université de Lorraine, 54501 Vandoeuvre les Nancy, Cedex. Geochemical implications of new U-Th-Ra disequilibria data from Gandak River sediments.
Eric Gayer Ye, Fengyin Barriot, Jean-Pierre Moreira, Manuel Cosmogenic Erosion Rate Estimation From Detrital Olivine Without Soil Characterization: The Case Of The Matatia Basin (Tahiti Island)