Geochemistry of the Earth’s surface (GES-10)
August 18-22, 2014 IPGP Paris 5th, France.

Theme 3: The Critical Zone: a living interface

Author given name Author family name Email Co-author Abstract Title
Mark Hodson Stuart Blackb, Loredana Brinzac, Daniel Carpenterd, Denise C Lambkine, J Fred W Mosselmansc, Barbara Palumbo-Roef, Paul F Schofieldg, Tom Sizmurh, Emma AA Versteeghe Biology as an agent of chemical and mineralogical change in soil
Liane G. Benning Andrew W. Bray JSteeve Bonneville Joshua Blacker Alexandre M. Anesio Gary Barker Katherine Wright The role of subsurface microbial processes in carbon cycling
Sophie Gangloff Peter Stille, Anne-Désirée Schmitt, François Chabaux Impact of bacterial activity on Sr and Ca isotopic compositions (87Sr/86Sr and 44/40Ca) in soil solutions (the Strengbach case)
Jennifer Hood Philippe Van Capellen Land-use drives seasonal riverine Si cycling at the landscape scale
Corey Lawrence Carl Steefel Kate Maher Abiotic/Biotic Coupling in the Rhizosphere: A Reactive Transport Modeling Analysis
Camille Minaudo F. Moatar N. Gassama A. Coynel H. Etcheber L. Gorse P. Gosse High frequency records of nutrients and algal biomass pigments for deciphering biogeochemistry processes in the Loire River (France)
Tatiana Rybina Bazanov Vladimir Berezin Alexandr Spatial organization and structure of the ridge-hollow swamp complex in taiga zone of Western Siberia
Franz SEIFFERT   Microbial colonization of bare rocks: laboratory biofilm enhances mineral weathering
Václav Tejnecký Naďa Řeřichová Monika Bradová Karel Němeček Hana Šantrůčková Ondřej Drábek Litter decomposition as a sources of active phosphates in spruce and beech mountainous forests affected by acidification
Mark Torres A. Joshua West - USC Kenneth Nealson - USC Microbial acceleration of olivine dissolution via siderophore production
Andrew Tye Daniel Lapworth Changes in DOM properties in a soil-shallow aquifer-river system as measured by laser fluorescence spectroscopy