Geochemistry of the Earth’s surface (GES-10)
August 18-22, 2014 IPGP Paris 5th, France.

Theme 1: Measuring the Critical Zone

Author given name Author family name Email Co-author Abstract Title
Suzanne Anderson Eve-Lyn Hinckley Patrick Kelly Abigail Langston Variation in critical zone processes and architecture across slope aspects
Jean Riotte Ruiz L.aurent, Audry Stéphane, Sekhar Muddu, Mohan Kumar M.S., Siva Soumya B. and Braun Jean-Jacques Impact of vegetation and decennial rainfall fluctuations on the weathering fluxes exported from a dry tropical forest (Mule Hole)
Stefano Bernasconi  ETH Zurich Measuring the Critical Zone: Lessons from the Damma Glacier Critical Zone Observatory
Jean Jacques Braun  IRD, Cameroon and GET, Toulouse University How both reactive bedrock accessory minerals and vegetation affect the behaviour of REE, U and Th during silicate weathering : Mule Hole watershed, South India
Michael Ellis Barry G. Rawlins, Andrew Tye, Richard Cooper, Chris Vane, K. M. Hiscock Recent advances in quantifying and sourcing organic carbon fluxes through the critical zone of temperate environments
Sigurdur Gislason Morgan T. Jones, Iwona M. Galeczka Daily geochemical monitoring of rivers using osmotic pumps
Xianyu Huang Yangmin Qin, Jiantao Xue, Liduan Zheng, Yu Hu, Shucheng Xie Modern process monitoring in the Dajiuhu peatland, Shennongjia, central China
Reinhard Hüttl Werner Gerwin Wolfgang Schaaf Markus K. Zaplata Christoph Hinz A Critical Zone Observatory for detecting ecosystem transition: the constructed catchment Chicken Creek (Germany)
Pavel Kram Juraj Farkas, Anna Pereponova, Chukwudi Nwaogu, Veronika Stedra, Jakub Hruska Bedrock weathering and streamwater chemistry in felsic and ultramafic forest catchments
Li Gaojun Xiaoyong Long Weathering of Chinese basaltic fields
Rebecca Lybrand Craig Rasmussen A cross-scale study of feldspar transformation in the Santa Catalina Mountain Critical Zone Observatory
Mark Thomas J Wilford R Searle M Grundy Mapping in the critical zone - practical challenges and solutions
John Wilford Patrice deCaritat Elisabeth Bui Predictive mapping of critical zone geochemistry
John Wilford Mark Thomas Ross Searle Mike Grundy Mapping the critical zone – a multi-scaled approach from local to national scales.